• March 23, 2017 | Thursday, 6 p.m.

    Young Adults: Prepare to Bowl!

    Plaza Lanes Bowling Alley

    Join the Plymouth Young Adults for bowling, community, and fun on Thursday, March 23 at 6 p.m. We’ll meet at Plaza Lanes Bowling Alley at 2701 Douglas Avenue. Email PlymouthYoungAdults@gmail.com with questions.


What Do I Really Believe…About Jesus?

This blog post feels different. Every time I sit down and try to write this post, I suddenly get very interested in scrolling through Twitter…or re-alphabetizing my files…or scheduling a dentist’s appointment. I don’t want to write this post. Why? Jesus is different. For a lot of the topics in our summer series on theology,... Read More

NEEDED: Hosts for a new Sacred Hospitality Program

Plymouth will pause the Nine-to–Dine program for the coming year (2017-2018) to facilitate a new series of dinners and meaningful conversations we will call Sacred Hospitality. Scheduling and sign-up details will come in September, but now is the time to recruit hosts. Do you find it easy to make conversation with others? Do you have... Read More

Should Plymouth be a Just Peace Church?

A Plymouth committee has been formed to study how the Just Peace pronouncement would affect Plymouth and to recommend (or not) to Plymouth’s Church Council that Plymouth be designated a Just Peace Church.... Read More

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