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What Do I Really Believe About…Heaven and Hell?

Let’s start with the results of a recent Gallup Poll. In 2016, respondents were asked if they “believe,” “don’t believe in” or are “not sure about” God, angels, heaven, hell and the devil. The “believe in” results were as follows: God:                79% Angels:           72% Heaven:         71%... Read More

What Do I Really Believe About…Sex and Family?

Once again: I’m in favor of them. But let me start by sharing some of my story. FOCUSING ON THE FAMILY Growing up in an evangelical church, it was hard for me to shake the sense that Christian faith was entirely—maybe exclusively—focused on sex and family relationships. On the one hand, “sin” seemed mostly to... Read More

What Do I Really Believe About the Prosperity Gospel?

This blog post will be a little different. Specifically: it will be brief(er). I could say a lot about the Prosperity Gospel, but others have already said it. No need for me to blather on. But let’s start with a definition. What is the Prosperity Gospel? Let me quote historian Kate Bowler: Put simply, the... Read More

What Do I Really Believe…About Jesus?

This blog post feels different. Every time I sit down and try to write this post, I suddenly get very interested in scrolling through Twitter…or re-alphabetizing my files…or scheduling a dentist’s appointment. I don’t want to write this post. Why? Jesus is different. For a lot of the topics in our summer series on theology,... Read More

What Do I Really Believe About Creation?

Last week, I forever settled the question of God in about 1,000 words. Now we can move on to creation! This one is personal for me. A theological debate about creation is what got me interested in theology in the first place. I am saving that story for Sunday’s sermon, but here is a little... Read More

What Do I Really Believe About God?

Our summer theology series begins with the Mother of All Theological Questions: What do I really believe about God? First, a quick programming note: I intend to blog each week about the topic for the upcoming weekend. But I am going to depart from the program year format of foregrounding the scripture reading. I’m going... Read More

What Do I Really Believe About…? A Summer Series on Belief

“Plymouth Church? They don’t believe anything! ” Have you ever heard someone say something like that? Have you maybe said something like that yourself? (It’s OK. This column is a safe space).  It seems I hear it all the time: Plymouth Church is widely seen as a place where belief does not belong. But that... Read More

What’s Your Story?

We did it! Back in September, we began our journey through the Narrative Lectionary in the Book of Genesis. This week we finish that journey with two readings to mark the day of Pentecost. Taken together, they have me thinking about stories, and the power of stories to shape us. Acts 2:1- 4 When the... Read More


Welcome to What?

We’ve talked about the separation of church and state. We’ve talked about other religions.  We’ve talked about sex and we have talked about politics. Now: we’re going to talk about Ephesians! Stick with me for a minute. I promise: this will pay off. I can’t be certain, but I think the first Open and Affirming... Read More

Plymouth Women Adventure Groups (PWAG) Enrollment Begins Sept. 1

Adventure groups are forming for women of all ages, life stages and interests. ... Read More

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