Arts @ Plymouth Concert Series

The Arts @ Plymouth is committed to offering outstanding and uplifting arts experiences to Plymouth and the community. We are committed to our core value of excellence in worship by offering the very best in music quality, preparation and offering; and, we believe that music and the arts can change lives and transcend any social, religious or personal differences.

Upcoming Events

At Plymouth Church we celebrate the Fine Arts through free concerts and events, excellence in worship and community outreach. You are invited to experience Plymouth through the arts!

  • UBI CARITAS. Join us for worship on Sunday, April 2 at the 11 a.m. service for a Lenten music and reflection on the text of the ancient chant Ubi Caritas: Where there is charity and love, God is there. Special music by Chancel Choir, instrumentalists, and reflections by Matt Mardis-LeCroy.  Invite a friend to worship and experience the beauty of this Lenten music.
  • Carl Gravander, organ recital, Sunday, April 9, 4 p.m., music of Lent and Easter.
  • “THREE MARYS,” an original holy week one-act play by Plymouth member Mark Gruber. Performances follow worship on Good Friday (April 14 – 8:45 p.m.) and Holy Saturday (April 15 – 6:45 p.m.) and will be in the third-floor Rehearsal Hall. Synopsis: The womens’  friend and teacher has been publicly executed. That day before the empty tomb, before the women discover the stone rolled away, what darkness filled the world? This short play (35 minutes) imagines the dark night before Easter sunrise when three of Jesus’ disciples (women) are hiding out, escaping arrest, mourning their loss, and gritting out some courage to leave their hiding place and confront whatever waits them as the sun rises.
  • Opera Iowa Recital, Sunday, April 23, 2 p.m. in the sanctuary. Plymouth is hosting this fundraising event for the Des Moines Metro Opera’s educational outreach program, and tickets may be purchased at For more than 30 years, OPERA Iowa has created magic in rural schools, city classrooms, cafetoriums, community centers, concert halls and gymnasiums, offering more than 800,000 young people and adults a quality arts experience today while building new enthusiastic opera audiences for tomorrow. As the state’s largest and most expansive program in arts education and one of the most innovative programs of its kind, Des Moines Metro Opera’s 12-week regional arts education tour features comprehensive study guides, curriculum-based workshops, masterclasses as well as live musical performances designed specifically for young people and families.
  • Sunday, May 7 – a Celebrate Our Own event featuring musicians from Plymouth Church in a Sunday afternoon recital. Check back soon for more information.


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