November 7-Day Challenge


Thinking and talking are great ways to start, but maybe you can put our new Strategic Plan words into action and explore them further by participating in a seven-day challenge.

1. Complete any six of these items on any six days you choose during the month of November.

  • After the election or anytime you feel frustrated or angry with someone, use this prayer:
                    , I acknowledge that of God in you. I accept that God cares
    for you as God cares for me. I release you from my anxiety and concern, imperfectly…and with baby steps. I choose to see you as God sees you−a unique human being with qualities and abilities that bless the world. I thank God for you.
  • When you are feeling anxious or insecure about yourself, use this prayer:
    I acknowledge that of God in me. I accept that Go cares for me as God cares for everyone. I release my anxiety that I am less worthy than other people, letting go of that fear imperfectly…and with baby steps. I choose to see myself as God sees me−a unique human being with qualities and abilities that bless the world. I accept the challenge and the responsibility to become all of whom I am meant to be. I thank God that I am just the person I am.
  • Send a note or email to someone you really appreciate, but might not know how appreciated they are.
  • Bake something and share it with a neighbor.
  • Order food from a locally-owned restaurant.
  • Do an internet search for “Audrey Assad Your Peace Will Make Us One” and listen to this re-working of The Battle Hymn of the Republic.
  • Attend the AMOS Delegate Assembly on November 8 to celebrate the work of 2020 and look ahead to 2021. To join this Zoom event, register here or contact
  • Record a three second “I’m grateful for….” video and share it with our staff by November 13, so we can include it in our Thanksgiving worship service this year.
  • Consider an increase in your annual gift to the Thanksgiving offering.
  • Watch our Special Thanksgiving worship service.


2. For the seventh day take a rest or sabbath.

Make space for an intentional break from your work, worries, stresses or whatever feels heavy in your life right now. Make the duration whatever length of time would feel like a true sabbath – five minutes, an hour, half a day or a whole day. We need to rest and recharge. We need sabbath in order to pursue Radical Love.


Lost Nation: The Ioway


“Lost Nation: The Ioway”
Will Be Presented By
Fellowship Forum

DES MOINES– A forgotten story of American conquest and Native survival will come to light when the award-winning documentary “Lost Nation: The Ioway” is presented by Fellowship Forum on Sunday, November 1 at 10 a.m.  The virtual screening is free, and will be followed by a Q&A with Emmy-nominated filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films.

In 1824, during the twilight of Native American dominion, two conflicted Ioway leaders met with William Clark (of Lewis and Clark) to sign a momentous treaty.  White Cloud (Mahaska) saw cooperation as survival for his people, while Great Walker (Moanahonga) regretted the loss of their ancestral homeland. This pivotal moment led both men to different tragic destinies in their battle with epic change.

Ioway Elders and tribal members join historians and archaeologists to tell the dramatic and true story of the small tribe that once claimed the territory between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers from Pipestone, Minnesota to St. Louis.  What was a quest for survival in the past, has become a a struggle to retain a unique Native American culture and language in the present.

Film critic Linda Cook of the Quad City Times gave “Lost Nation: The Ioway” 4-out-of-4 stars and said “The Rundle’s “Ioway” is perfectly complete… A fantastic documentary… You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy this film.”

Movie reviewer Mike Schulz of the River Cities Reader wrote “Absolutely outstanding.  “Lost Nation: The Ioway” is fantastically informative, beautifully constructed, and thoroughly enjoyable…”

“Lost Nation: The Ioway” garnered several film festival awards including Best Documentary at the International Cherokee Film Festival.  It was an Official Selection in the Archaeology Channel’s International Film Festival and it won a Bronze Telly Award®.  Since its premiere in 2007, the film has screened in over 70 cities throughout the country, was released nationally on DVD and broadcast on PBS stations.

The film received grant awards from Humanities Iowa, the Kansas Humanities Council, the Oklahoma Humanities Council, Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH).

The Rundles are the owners of Fourth Wall Films, an award-winning and Emmy-nominated independent film and video production company formerly located in Los Angeles, and now based in Moline, Illinois.  The sequels “Lost Nation: The Ioway 2&3” are available on DVD. Visit for more information.


To join us on Fellowship Form visit the link below:


Centering Prayer Workshop


Join us for a Centering Prayer Workshop!

The pandemic has made connection with others challenging, and it can even be a struggle to connect with God. To provide a way to connect on a deeper level with God and each other, the Board of Spiritual Growth is offering an introduction to Christian meditation called Centering Prayer, a prayer method that invites us into the experience of God’s presence within us. This Zoom workshop takes place Saturday, November 7, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (with ample breaks) and includes six one-hour follow-up sessions. Whether you’re a beginner, are out of practice, or have a current prayer practice, this workshop can provide a way to deepen your relationship with God, and to do it along with fellow Plymouth members, with the opportunity for an ongoing weekly prayer group.

Centering Prayer helps us:

  • Enhance our ability to “let go and let God.”
  • Develop a nonjudgmental attitude of ourselves and others.
  • Grow in self-knowledge.
  • Develop an emerging capacity to listen and to serve others.
  • Nurture our ability to live in the present moment.

Workshop leaders are Rev. Paul Witmer, a minister of over 30 years and trained Spiritual Director who has extensive experience teaching contemplative practices, leading retreats, and working with folks in twelve-step recovery, and Tim Goldman, a Centering Prayer instructor commissioned by Contemplative Outreach, Ltd., who has practiced Centering Prayer and Lectio Divina for more than 20 years.

Program costs are funded by the Board of Spiritual Growth and participation is limited to 30.

Register here:

For more information, contact Shari Simmons at


World Communion Sunday Message from Ebenezer Baptist Church


World Communion Sunday Message from Ebenezer Baptist Church

Dear brothers and sisters,

May the peace of our God that connects us, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that redeems us, and the communion of the Holy Spirit that unites us, be with you.

We are celebrating World Communion Day in a time that urges us not to congregate because of the threat of the pandemic. It seems paradoxical, but it’s a serious subject because it’s about life. However, the infinite grace of our God allows us to join in the communion of his Holy Spirit in spite of physical distance or cultural barriers.

This is a special occasion for us to thank God for having such a beautiful sister church in Des Moines, Iowa. What better gesture to celebrate World Communion Day than the knowledge that we are united, in communion, by the bonds of God’s love that make us a beautiful family!

We are ratifying our desire and agreement to continue working on maintaining the bridge of brotherhood that unites, reconciles and joins us as brothers and sisters in spite of the challenges that we must confront because of the decades-long difficult relationship between our two governments. Because of this, we continue to work and to pray so that, as Psalm 85 says, “justice and peace will kiss each other.”

In this determination to keep walking together, it’s important to be nourished by everything that contributes to our communion. In this endeavor, two things come to mind. First, this beautiful advice that has been left to us by those who have preceded us on the path: “In what’s essential, unity; in what’s not essential, freedom; in everything, love.”

Secondly, Plymouth’s motto: “We agree to differ, we resolve to love, we unite to serve.”

We plead that you continue to pray for us and for the realization of Jesus’s prayer that everyone becomes as one.

Once again, please accept a warm embrace from your sister church in Cuba, Ebenezer Baptist Church of Marianao.

Reverend Idael Montero Pacheco