Senior Minister Search Update: Feb. 1


The senior minister search committee met with conference representatives to learn more about resources available through the UCC Conference. Rev. Brigit Stevens and Rev. Samantha Houser spent time with the committee explaining how the conference can assist and add valuable support to the senior minister search.

Rev. Houser, who is currently the steward of the search and call process for the conference, emphasized the search will be an endeavor of faith and discernment. She encouraged the committee to be in an attitude of covenant with God and each other. From a process perspective, Rev Houser outlined resources available from the conference which will play a critical role in the work.

After requesting proposals from multiple search firms, the committee will also interview three firms in February. Additional information will be available as those meetings take place. Watch this space for future updates.

Please remember, the search committee can be reached at the following email address: