Go on a Joy Hunt


Go on a Joy Hunt!

Make a “Joy Spotter” to look for things that bring you and your family JOY!

Download a PDF of these directions here!

You Will Need:

  • An empty paper towel or toilet paper roll OR a piece of cardstock for each family member
  • Crayons, markers, or paints
  • OPTIONAL: stickers, ribbon or yarn, colored tape, etc.


  1. Decorate the tube. You can cover it with paper, or color it with crayons, markers or paint.
  2. If using cardstock: decorate the cardstock. Roll it into a tube. Tape the seam
  3. You are ready to use your God Spotter to look for things that bring you JOY!
  4. Go on a JOY HUNT in your home, outside or on a walk.
  5. Later, try to remember all the things you found that bring you JOY!
  6. Say a prayer of thanks- include the things that bring your family JOY:

Loving God,
We have so many joys in our life
Thank you for: [list your joys]
On days when things are hard,
Help us remember the joys you have given us.


Make Your Own Joy Jar


Make Your Own Joy Jar

Here is a way for your family to identify the joys in their lives!

Download a PDF of these directions here!

What you need:

  • A jar or container
  • Paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Markers or crayons


  1. Decorate your family’s Joy Jar. Make a Joy Jar label, draw pictures, and have fun!
  2. Cut paper into strips. Your family will write their joys on the strips of paper. Children may want to draw pictures of their joys- make wider strips for pictures.
  3. Put the Joy Jar where your family will see it and use it.
  4. Over the next couple of weeks, start to fill the Joy Jar (choose a time each day to ask everyone “What brought you Joy today?” Write answers on strips of paper. Ask each family member to write or draw their answer.
  5. Watch your jar fill up!
  6. After a few weeks, empty the jar and read the strips of paper. Celebrate how blessed your family is to have Joy in your lives.
  7. Make a collage. Glue the strips on a large piece of paper.
  8. Make a paper Joy Chain with the strips of paper.
  9. Start to fill your Joy Jar again.

When a day is not going well for someone in your family, think about how your Joys can help.

Look through the collage or chain or the papers in the Joy Jar.

Which JOY or JOYS make you feel better?

Say a prayer of thanks:

Loving God
I am having a hard time.
Thank you for the Joy(s) of ________________.
Help me think about my Joys when things are hard.


Return to In-Person Worship Recommendations: 3-23-21


Plymouth Church Health and Safety Task Force Return to In-Person Sanctuary Services Recommendation for Church Council (March 23, 2021)

CHAS recommends the return to in-person sanctuary services starting May 2, under the following conditions:


  • Indoor, in-person worship to begin at 11:15 a.m. on Sunday, May 9. There will be an in-person service on May 2, but this service is for Confirmation only. This will give Plymouth staff who participate in liturgy the opportunity to be fully vaccinated before indoor services restart


Compartmentalization of and Access to the Building

  • Includes access to Narthex, Sanctuary, Gallery Hallway, and Bathrooms. Other access areas will still be roped off.
  • Open doors include those from both parking lots and the Ingersoll doors.
  • Doors open 30 minutes ahead of each service and 15 minutes after service. Deacons will encourage people to come and go from the sanctuary promptly.
  • Deacons will dismiss each row in order to ensure a distanced departure.



  • Masks and social distancing required.
  • Messaging sent out ahead of time detailing expectations around participating.
  • Seating capacity: 70 family units, with seating areas pre-marked. Total capacity: 100 people
  • Pre-registration required (online or call church office)
  • Office staff will monitor sign-ups to ensure variety of participants across Sundays.
  • Deacons will keep track of who is present/absent using pre-registration lists in case of the need to contact-trace.
  • Time limit of each service: 45 minutes.
  • No singing in for now.
  • Staff will not stand at doors to greet people before or after the service.

Spreading Joy


What could be more joyful than giving and receiving compliments? These sharable compliment pages will hopefully give you plenty of the inspiration to spread the joy of a good compliment!

Download here!


Practice Radical Love Yard Signs!


We still have Plymouth Radical Love yard signs available. You can get one for your home at any of our in-person worship services, while supplies last. Just ask one of our Deacons for a sign. You also can stop by Plymouth Church through the circle drive entrance off 42nd Street. Ring the doorbell between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, and ask one of our office volunteers or staff for a yard sign.


Senior Minister Search Update: March 15


The senior minister search committee wants to hear from you! The congregational survey will be available beginning March 22. Information gathered will be used to create Plymouth’s UCC church profile. For many, including some of us on the search committee, the UCC church profile may be a new concept. The profile will be a comprehensive picture of Plymouth and will be used by the UCC when reaching out to potential candidates throughout the denomination. Survey questions have been created to help discern some of the qualities and expectations of the next senior minister.

The committee is looking forward to gathering the responses and beginning this important next step. Be sure to take the opportunity to be a part of the senior minister search by completing the short survey. A link to the online survey will be included in the March 22 Moderator’s Minute and the Plymouth Weekly. Mailed copies can be requested from the church office beginning on that date as well. Deadline to submit responses will be Monday, April 5.

Continue to watch for details and updates on the Senior Minister Transition page of the Plymouth website and other church communication. You can also contact the committee at