Abundance in Action

Dear Plymouth friend,

I love good questions — questions that challenge our thinking, actions, and living faith. As we approach another year of life together, several important questions are in front of us:

  • What can we accomplish when we vision and dream together?
  • What does an abundant life look like at Plymouth and in our community, and how do we put our abundance into action for God’s mission?
  • What do you believe is possible when we truly work together to make a difference and live the lives of good stewards?


How you answer these questions will exponentially impact our future together. Your annual giving at Plymouth sustains programs inside the church, such as advancing our dynamic music and arts programming, teaching our children about God’s love, and supporting members in crisis through our Stephen Ministries. Your generosity extends our mission beyond our doors to help children at Hubbell Elementary through Food Buddies, support immigrants with our Refugee Family project, and engage in community action through partnerships with organizations like Our Church’s Wider Mission, AMOS, the Interfaith Alliance, and the Central Iowa Shelter & Services.

You can read about these stories of our Abundance in Action and more inside this brochure. We’re asking you to then prayerfully consider how you will make a difference by investing in the future of Plymouth Church. Now is the time to act to creatively advance Plymouth’s 165-year history of progressive Christian leadership, inspiration, and service for all people.

Your commitment to give annually makes everything we do possible. You help create the ripple inside and outside Plymouth. You help us dream about the future we’re building together.

With abundant gratitude,
Rev. Dr. Jared Wortman
Senior Pastor, Plymouth United Church of Christ

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Abundance in Action: A Message from Senior Pastor Jared Wortman