The Turning of the Seasons: Thanksgiving, Advent and the Songs of the Season


This is a week of transition –from November to December, from “ordinary time” through Thanksgiving to Advent, from our fall series on friendship to a new focus for Advent.

In worship this December, we will turn our attention to what we are calling the Advent Mixtape. Because the music is so good in Advent –not just in church (that’s a given), but in Scripture as well. The opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel are like nothing so much as a musical. They depict mostly mundane events. But at key moments, without much warning, the characters will suddenly burst into song. And, like any good musical, the songs disclose the true meaning of all these events. Mary’s song tells us that the birth of her baby will mean a great reversal of the hierarchies that define our word. Zechariah’s song anticipates God’s compassionate visitation of a suffering people. The angel’s song proclaims peace on earth and goodwill toward all.

Our worship will invite us to tune in to the songs that tell the truth about who we are and what all of this means. But on our calendar, to the path to Advent leads right through Thanksgiving. So consider joining us for some or all of the following:

  • On Wednesday, November 27, join us at 6 PM for Thanksgiving Eve worship. This simple service in the sanctuary will offer music, reflection and space for gratitude.
  • On Thursday the 28th, it’s our Traditional Pilgrim Thanksgiving Service! Join me and the Pilgrim Choir for a service that reflects on our roots and gives thanks for God’s blessings.
  • And then we welcome the season of Advent with candlelight communion services on Saturday at 5:30, on Sunday at 9 and 11.

Join us for the journey into all that God has promised!