Flower Deliver Team

Each week you read in the worship bulletin the names of the people who donated the lovely flower arrangements that grace our Chancel during worship. Have you ever wondered what happens to that display once worship is over? It goes to good use, thanks to the dedicated work of Plymouth Church’s Flower Delivery Team.

Immediately after 11 a.m. worship concludes, teams retreat to the sacristy and go to work dissecting the arrangements. They redesign the flowers and foliage into smaller bouquets. Then, the best part of all, they personally deliver them to Plymouth members who are homebound or in the hospital. On this particular week, a confirmation group volunteered as one of its service projects. There is no “regular” flower delivery team. It’s made up of groups that volunteer for a week or for a month at a time. If your group, or family, or board, or friends would like to volunteer, contact LeAnn Stubbs, minister of care and welcome, lstubbs@plymouthchurch.com.


The Preaching of Paul and a Punk Rock Song: Acts 13 and 14

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