Exhibit Schedule

Feb. 18-March 31: Janet Heinicke, Mixed Media

April 1-May 12: Tim Knepper, Drake University Religion Project, Photography

May 13-June 23: Ajit Sah, Nepalese Artist

June 24-Aug. 4: Japanese-American Exhibit

Aug. 5-Sept. 15: Michael Thompson & Karen Jeske (Plymouth members), Abstract Painting

Sept. 16-Nov. 24: Betty Peterson, Whimsical Art-Mixed Media

Nov. 25-Jan. 5: Willard Sharp, Landscape/Skyscape Photography



Leave Your Box at Home

Are we ready? Are we really ready for God to come to us? Are we ready for the transformation that will entail? Are we ready for what will be required of us? John’s Gospel suggests that we are not. Over the last two weeks, we have learned how, at the moment that mattered most, the... Read More

It’s time to think scholarships!

The Marie Green Award is given each year to two outstanding high school seniors who have been actively involved in the life of Plymouth Church. ... Read More

Green Team: “Chickadee Check-Off” time again.

Couldn’t be any simpler to support Iowa’s Wildlife Diversity Program. Just add one dollar or more to your taxes to support wildlife habitat development and restoration.... Read More

All Church Reads

Plymouth will continue to explore race during Lent using books as our conversation partners.... Read More

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