• December 7, 2018 | 7 P.M.

    Scrooge: A Radio Play

    Waveland Hall

    Step back in time and catch the story of Scrooge told as if it were shared over radio in the 1920s. Friday, Dec. 7, 7 p.m. and Saturday, Dec. 8, 1 p.m. in Waveland Hall, Mark Gruber shares his rendition of this age-old story, sponsored by the Arts@Plymouth. Scrooge is an awful man, but on this Christmas Eve with the help of three ghosts who drag the unwilling Scrooge from his bed, he’ll be given another chance to see Christmas with the new-found insight of the wondrous gift that’s given! Scrooge sees his life anew, and just in time. The charity to all in need at Christmas is to share and spread the good cheer that blessings come in all shapes and sizes. In our telling, harken back to that golden age of radio and gather round our giant radio stage to hear Dicken’s tale of Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit and his family, Scrooge’s nephew Fred, the Christmas carolers, Marley’s ghost dragging his chains and moaning his sorry predicament to walk the earth after his death, and of course the ghosts. THREE of them. Gather round to hear Charles Dicken’s classic ghost story that ends very well — even for ole Scrooge. Bah Humbug.


Plymouth Easter Gifts Support Our Just Peace Covenant

Honoring the Plymouth Just Peace Covenant, the Easter Special Offering will be gifted to the following initiatives and non-profit organizations serving Des Moines Metro people, who are most in need and striving for social and/or economic justice. The projects selected for this year’s gifts are: Family Promise of Greater Des Moines – The funds will... Read More

Applications Available for Plymouth Women’s Scholarship

The Plymouth Women Scholarships are awarded once a year to two or more college students who are preparing for a career in service such as seminary, social work, education, medicine, etc. Applicants must be a junior, senior or graduate student in a college or university. Plymouth members are given preference, but any qualified person may... Read More

40 Days of Lent for Folks Over 50

Meaning Matters in the Second Stage of Life If you have reached the age of 50, you know that something happens. And that something is more than just receiving an invitation to join AARP. Something happens inside and you begin asking big and deep questions, like “What does it all mean, anyway?” Lent is a... Read More

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