1619 Revisited Follow Up

Plymouth has conducted two educational offerings on the1619 Project since 2020, and now it’s time to expand from head and heart to an action focus.  Please consider selecting one or more of the following options as ways to manifest your commitment to anti-racism work in the community:

  • Help plan a follow-up event around Juneteenth, hopefully an in-person potluck to share a dish from one’s cultural  heritage, followed by affinity breakout groups based on interests/commitments participants made during the 1619 Revisited series to choose a focus and next steps.  
  • Take a leadership role in future anti-racism efforts both within Plymouth Church and the wider community.
  • Assist in planning a monthly newsletter with an anti-racism focus that highlights events, resources, and actions in the community.


Many hands make light work, so if you are interested in joining these efforts, please email Alicia Claypool ( or Anita Micich ( for next steps.