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This Lonely Work

  Do you want to be prophet? Are you sure? Prophetic ministry is lonely work. That is what we see in this story about Elijah, prophet of Israel. I King 19:1-18 Ahab told Jezebel all that Elijah had done, and how he had killed all the prophets with the sword. 2Then Jezebel sent a messenger... Read More

Our Edifice Complex (Or: Paul Tillich Meets Homer Simpson)

  Who doesn’t love a good building dedication? Well, lots of people, actually. This week we turn our attention to the dedication of Solomon’s Temple. All this pious pomp and circumstance serves to show us religion at its best…and its worst. It is time to talk about our Edifice Complex. 1 Kings 5:1-5; 8:1-13 5Now... Read More

Heart Condition

  Do you have a heart condition? Do you want one? This week, the Narrative Lectionary serves up the story of God calling David to be king of Israel. It is an important story because David looms so large in Scripture –one the Bible’s best developed characters and Israel’s most-revered monarch. But how did David... Read More

God is Still Speaking…But How Will We Hear?

  “God is still speaking.” That is what we like to say at Plymouth Church. But how do we hear? Are we really willing to respond? These questions drive the story of God calling Samuel, our text for this week. I Samuel 3:1-21 Now the boy Samuel was ministering to the Lord under Eli. The word of... Read More

Christmas Special Offering Grants

The Board of Benevolence seeks grant applications from non-profit organizations with projects that may include those that ease racism, relieve the burden of excessive incarceration, support immigration, and seek to help those affected by mental illness.... Read More

Plymouth’s Green Space

Plastic! It’s everywhere. Can’t live without it, or so it seems, unhealthy for the environment and ultimately unhealthy for most living beings. One estimate believes the equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic, every minute, every day, all year long is being dumped into our oceans. Of course, plastic bags, single-use products, water bottles... Read More

Daily Bread

Daily bread. Give us today what we need for today. Jesus taught us to pray in this way, but the idea is not original to him. In the Lord’s Prayer Jesus reaches way back –back into the history of God’s people, back to the wilderness of Sinai, back to manna, the original daily bread. God... Read More


NEW for the 2018-19 Program Year: Plymouth will produce a Planner

The September – August Planner will help you connect with Plymouth events, prepare for worship, and  attune yourself more fully to the rhythms of our program year and liturgical seasons. We will print a limited number of these planners. You can reserve your copy by signing up on the website between now and July 16.... Read More

Plymouth Welcomes Nikira Hernandez-Evans to TiM Program

The Transition into Ministry Committee is pleased to announce and welcome Nikira Hernandez-Evans as the newest Associate in the TiM program. Nikira will join us at the beginning of June and this will be her first time living in the Midwest. She grew up in California but did attend undergraduate school at Mount Holyoke College... Read More

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