25 Years of Open and Affirming at Plymouth Church!


25 years! This weekend, Plymouth Church celebrates 25 years as an Open and Affirming Congregation.

We have a lot to celebrate and a lot to look back on with gratitude. At the Fellowship Forum on Sunday the 14th (10:10 a.m. in Greenwood) we will reflect on the O&A process and the ways our welcome of all has shaped work and witness. It will be a time to give thanks and gain insight into the journey so far.

But this weekend is not only about the past. We will also be looking to the future together, to ask about the challenges and opportunities of the next 25 years at Plymouth.

Dr. Jeffrey McCune will be with us all weekend long-preaching Saturday Night and Sunday morning and leading a workshop on Saturday afternoon.

When invited to work with Plymouth on celebrating 25 years of Open & Affirming and helping us to look towards the future, Dr. McCune created a workshop and preaching experience that will have us all “Minding the Margins”–i.e. thinking critically about how we extend our open and affirming welcome to ALL people–especially those who have been marginalized.

In Dr. McCune’s words, “This experience will attend to non-marginalized populations, interrogating ritual, privilege, and self-interest as obstacles in creating an “open and affirming” environment to all. Most importantly, this experience will begin critical conversations which help generate better practices for attending to issues of wherein folks can engage conversations and commitment to diversity, with greater ease and knowledge.”


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