40 Days of Lent for Folks Over 50

Meaning Matters in the Second Stage of Life

If you have reached the age of 50, you know that something happens. And that something is more than just receiving an invitation to join AARP. Something happens inside and you begin asking big and deep questions, like “What does it all mean, anyway?”

Lent is a 40-day season in the church year that also asks big and deep questions. And so we have put together something called, 40 Days of Lent for Folks over 50. This is a guide to help us make Lent a season that is deeply meaningful. It is a guide to the season that includes simple suggestions to help us take on the traditional disciplines of Lent such as: scripture reading and study, prayer, and works of love. You can gather with us at church for things like Monday discussion groups and Wednesday note writing. You can follow the guide at home on your own. Or any combination that fits your lifestyle and abilities. The guide book will be available at the Welcome Desk. Or you can download an electronic copy by clicking here.

We invite you to make meaning with us during this Lenten season. Email Nancy Strickler at njpstrickler@gmail.com, and LeAnn Stubbs at lstubbs@plymouthchurch.com.


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