Annual Meeting 2021

This year’s Annual Meeting will be on May 11 at 7 p.m. on Zoom. Registration is required, and you can click here to sign up. All are welcome to attend the meeting, but only members of Plymouth Church will be able to vote on board/committee candidates and the proposed Bylaws. Each voting member is encouraged to register individually rather than as a household. Each voting member will also need to vote on separate devices.

If you have any questions, click here for a detailed instruction list or call the church office at (515) 255-3149. We will have a short directions video available by on this page on Friday, May 7.

Find some helpful links below:


Below you will find steps for participating in the Annual Meeting:

  • Preregistration is required! If you want to participate, please preregister. We’re asking each Plymouth member to register separately (rather than by household), so that we have individual emails to which we will send the Zoom link and the Survey Monkey ballot.
  • The church’s Greenwood meeting room will be available for those who cannot attend the meeting via Zoom, but if you are planning to attend the meeting via the set-up in Greenwood, please call the church office at (515) 255-3149 to let us know by Tuesday morning! A volunteer is available in the church office from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  • It will also be important for everyone to have their own device as much as possible: One Person, One Device, One Vote. This will make it much easier and faster to get all the votes counted.
  • If you must share a device, one person will vote using the device, but any others will need to vote by texting their vote to (515) 249-6149. If you need to call rather than text, please call (515) 255-3149.
  • We will be voting on Board nominations via Survey Monkey and on the bylaws via Zoom.
  • At the beginning of the meeting, we will review instructions on Survey Monkey and Zoom voting.


On behalf of our staff and all members, we hope you can join us for our annual meeting, and we thank you in advance for your participation!


Below is a full list of elected candidates:

Moderator (1-year term): Gruening, Jodi

Moderator-Elect (1-year term): Kenyon, Greg

Church Clerk (1-year term, renewable): Recruiting in Progress

Nominating Committee (3 at-large members elected for 1-year term)
Duffy, Pam
Merkle, Jon

Board of Benevolences (4 elected for 3-year term)
Lyle, Jeanne
Maharry, Robin
Tillman, Maggie

Board of Christian Education (4 elected for 3-year term)
Ginther, Dick

Board of Christian Social Action (4 elected for 3-year term)
Ferguson, Jim
Linnenbrink, Lauren
Reis, Artis

Board of Christian Stewardship (4 elected for 3-year term)
Everett, Dave
Jacobs, Steve
Pederson, Sally

Board of Deacons (5 elected for 3-year term)
Bunz, John
Pierson, Jim
Wedeking, Bill

Board of Deacons (4 elected for 2-year term)
Dunlap-Johnson, Pam
Stone, Marilyn

Board of Deacons (1 elected for 1-year term)
Landess, Nancy

Board of Membership (4 elected for 3-year term)
Recruiting in Progress

Board of Music & Fine Arts (1 elected for 3-year term)
McLean, Kate
Noland, Julie
Polson, Christine
Warren, Dan

Board of Music & Fine Arts (1 elected for 1-year term)
Hoekman, Dixie

Board of Spiritual Growth (3 elected for 3-year term)
Fagan, Neil
Leckrone, Brian
Shives, Craig

Board of Trustees (3 elected for 4-year term)
Boon, Rachel
DeWald, Wade
Leon, Amber

At Large (1 elected for 1-year term)
Blake, Nathan

Plymouth Church Foundation* (1 elected for 3-year term)
Cady, Spencer

* Foundation bylaws require one director be elected by members of the church at the annual meeting