Christmas Special Offering Grants

We are humbled in gratitude for all that we have freely received from God. We continue to grow in generosity by giving away of our possessions that include food, clothing, furniture and money. We want this monetary abundance to flow out from Plymouth Church and into the hands of deserving organizations and people striving for social justice.

It is in this spirit that the Plymouth Church Board of Benevolences is now accepting applications from area nonprofit agencies for the Christmas Special Offering grants.

This year Plymouth Congregational Church’s theme is “Heaven is a Place on Earth”; or as we know it, God’s Justice. The Board of Benevolence therefore seeks grant applications from non-profit organizations with projects that would fulfill that goal. These projects may include those that ease racism, relieve the burden of excessive incarceration, support immigration, and seek to help those affected by mental illness.

Grant applications for Plymouth’s 2017 Christmas Special Offering are due Oct. 20, 2017 and can be downloaded from the Board of Benevolences page on the Plymouth website, or by clicking here.


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