Blob of Blessing 2021

Are you picturing it now? Plymouth church, hands on shoulders, connecting each person together in a BLOB OF BLESSING! We’re good at it! It’s beautiful. It’s important. It’s holy. It’s time to continue our tradition. We need to be blessed by the blob.

Join for a moment of connection via Zoom with some of your fellow Plymouth members. You’ll be blessed by your pastors and the video will be included in worship for the whole church to add their hands of blessing. Even though the gathering is virtual, the blessing will be real! There will be four blessing opportunities on Sunday at 11 a.m. on January 10, 17, 24, and 31. Each blessing will be for different groups in our community.

Jan. 10: Public servants (lawyers, judges, politicians, city, county, state, etc.)

Jan. 17: Educators (teachers, child-care providers, administrators, etc.)

Jan. 24: Essential workers (service industry, post office, DOT, grocery store, janitorial staff, sanitation, etc.)

Jan. 31: Healthcare & First responders (doctors, nurses, EMT, fire, police, mental healthcare, etc.)

To join us on Zoom, visit: