Camp Compassion Volunteers

Join the Camp Compassion Volunteer Team!

Do you have an hour, a few hours? Any amount of time can help make our virtual Vacation Bible School, Camp COMPASSION, a SUCCESS!!

Adults, teens, kids- you can all play a part! Most of the volunteer opportunities will take place in June and most can be done when it’s convenient for you!!

Check out the list below. Want to help, but don’t see something that interests you? Contact us for other ideas!!
Volunteer opportunities:

  • Director: We need a director, a videographer, a small acting group (6+ kid/teen actors) for 5 skits- scripts provided!
  • Props: One or two people to help collect simple props for skits (list will be provided).
  • Bible Stories: One, two or more people to tell the story of the day from the curriculum.
  • Music: Help create the daily music for VBS. Sing one, two, three or four of the original songs in the curriculum.
  • Crafts: Several people needed to put together craft bags for kids.
  • Yoga: Create five 10-minute yoga videos (breathe/yoga sequences are outlined in the curriculum), daily routines with poses provided!
  • Family Chats: One to five families record short family chats about a LOVINGKINDNESS practice (Scripts with questions provided). One family can create up to five videos or up to five families.


To sign up, click here. For more information, email Georgia Sheriff at or text (515-201-5072).

Interested in registering children for COMPASSION CAMP? Watch for information in the Plymouth Weekly and Plymouth Social Media.