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Beloved: The Season of Epiphany at Plymouth Church

  I have some travel coming up and so weekly blogging is on semi-hiatus. But I want to a little table-setting for the season of Epiphany. I want to give you a word for the beginning of 2020: Beloved. Can you see yourself as God’s Beloved? In Epiphany we will explore that question. The word... Read More

All Are Welcome: Advent and Christmas Eve Worship at Plymouth

   Christmas Eve brings 4 opportunities for worship! At 5 PM, join us for Family Friendly worship in the Sanctuary. At 7 PM, we will be in Waveland Hall, with the music of Plymouth’s Saturday Night Band and reflections from Matt Mardis-LeCroy At 9 PM, we will be back in the Sanctuary with the Chancel... Read More

We Do Things a Little Differently: Lessons and Carols at Plymouth Church

On the 3rd weekend of Advent, we get a little more literal about our Advent mixtape. On Saturday Night, on Sunday morning, our services will be structured as Services of Lessons and Carols. Instead of a sermon, we will hear readings and music that convey the Big Story of God’s redemptive purpose. (If you really... Read More

Sermon for 2nd Sunday of Advent: Mary is a Punk Rocker

  “Mary is a Punk Rocker” Luke 1:46-55      December 8, 2019 I. Last week Lindsey Braun launched our Advent mixtape sermon series by reflecting on the ways in which the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel seem to resemble a Broadway musical. And she sang some snippets of show tunes to make her point.... Read More

Mary is a Punk Rocker (Advent Mixtape Week 2)

  I want to let you in on a little secret: Mary’s song? The Magnificat? One of the best known bits of scripture, set to music by so many different composers? I think it was originally a punk rock song. Luke 1:46-55 46And Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord, 47and my spirit rejoices in God... Read More

The Turning of the Seasons: Thanksgiving, Advent and the Songs of the Season

  This is a week of transition –from November to December, from “ordinary time” through Thanksgiving to Advent, from our fall series on friendship to a new focus for Advent. In worship this December, we will turn our attention to what we are calling the Advent Mixtape. Because the music is so good in Advent... Read More

Breaking Out of the Bubble: Reflections for Pie Weekend

  It is Pie Weekend at Plymouth Church -a time to consider God’s invitation to share what we have! (What, you may ask, is Pie Weekend? It’s pretty simple: everybody brings a pie. To church. And we eat the pies. Together. This year it will serve to kick off our 2020 Stewardship campaign. You really... Read More

Is There Life After Betrayal in Friendship? (A Dad Rock Meditation).

  Here is the thing about friends: sometimes they betray us. No one knows this better than Jesus. Mark 3:13-18 13 He went up the mountain and called to him those whom he wanted, and they came to him. 14And he appointed twelve, whom he also named apostles, to be with him, and to be sent out to... Read More


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