Take the Creation Care Challenge

April is Earth Month at Plymouth and we’re asking you to take the Creation Care Challenge. Commit to an activity that demonstrates how you protect and respect God’s creation. Listed here are some suggestions from the Plymouth Creation Care and Justice Coalition. Send an email ( and we’ll share in future newsletters how Plymouth cares.

Also, join the 10 am Forum Sunday, April 18, when our guest will be Brian Campbell, Executive Director of the Iowa Environmental Council. He will update us on IEC activities and what we can do to work for a better tomorrow.

Will you commit to one or more of the following for the month of April? 

  • Cut your food waste in half (calculate how many garbage bags you have filled at the end of the week compared to your average). Buy and prepare only as much food as you and your family will consume.
  • Faithfully take groceries home in reusable bags rather than grocery-provided plastic.
  • Take lightweight mesh bags (sold at some area grocery stores and on Amazon) for produce rather than plastic bags provided by the supermarket.
  • Start a compost pile for garden cuttings and raw fruit and vegetable scraps.
  • Support candidates for office who work for environmental justice. Sign up for the Plymouth J-PAN e-mailing list on the Plymouth site for updates on pending environmental and social justice legislation and contact elected officials to express your opinions.
  • Buy a rain barrel and collect water to use for your lawn use. Plant native plants and plan a butterfly or rain garden. (See
  • Coordinate errands to cut driving time and distances in half.
  • Donate to an environmental organizations, such as the Iowa Interfaith Power & Light, Iowa Environmental Council, and Sierra Club.
  • Sign the Iowa Interfaith Power and Light faith statement on climate action, Uphold and Upheave.
  • Stop buying bottled water and carry a reusable water bottle (Americans throw away 35 billion empty water bottles a year. Of those, only 12 percent are recycled.)
  • Dial down your thermostat a few degrees at night or install a programmable thermostat.


Want to get really serious?