Plymouth Easter Gifts Support Our Just Peace Covenant

Honoring the Plymouth Just Peace Covenant, the Easter Special Offering will be gifted to the following initiatives and non-profit organizations serving Des Moines Metro people, who are most in need and striving for social and/or economic justice.

The projects selected for this year’s gifts are:

Family Promise of Greater Des Moines – The funds will be used in operational costs of running the day center where homeless adults work to locate employment and permanent housing.

Genesis Youth Foundation – This initiative works to empower immigrant youth.  The biggest barrier to the youth participation is transportation. This gift, plus other donated funds, will purchase a van to transport the youth to the organization’s activities.

Creative Visions, Human Development Institute – The current kitchen, where the Sunday Meal Program prepares food, does not meet current safety codes. The gift would be used for commercial kitchen and hand washing sinks, plumbing and installation.

Children & Families of Iowa – CFI’s domestic shelter will use these funds for Client’s transportation costs to schools, medical appointments and job training.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace – The gift will purchase materials for making 20 bunkbeds for Des Moines area children who do not have beds.

Pastor’s Discretionary Fund – 10% of the Special Offerings will be allocated to Plymouth Pastor’s Discretionary Fund. These funds are directed to urgent needs of community members. Examples for Year 2018 assistance included rent assistance, utility cost, medicine, and bus/travel expense.

The Special offering collection will be taken during the Easter services. Or, your donation may be mailed or contribute online. Please ensure to notate your gift as the  “Easter Offering”.



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