Every Penny of Plymouth’s Easter Offering Directly Benefits Those in Need of Compassion

Ever year the Plymouth Board of Benevolences asks the Plymouth community to make special offerings. These gifts, made at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter services, plus any designated gifts made in advance, go directly out our doors in loving service to our neighbors in the form of Special Offering Grants. These grants do not support Plymouth in any way. Every penny goes to local agencies.

As we prepare to celebrate the risen Christ and life restored, the Board of Benevolences asks you to prayerfully consider an Easter Special Offering gift to support the efforts of the following organizations and projects:

  • Central Iowa Shelter and Services provides essential services to the homeless in our community. A grant from the Easter Special Offering will purchase chairs for CISS’ overflow room, which clients use for sleeping when all beds are full.
  • Family Promise provides overnight accommodations, food and other support for homeless families through a consortium of Des Moines-area churches. A grant will support the operations of the Family Promise Day Center, which offers a safe, secure space for families during daytime hours.
  • Visiting Nurse Services of Iowa provides medical and social services for women, children and families, adults and seniors, and communities across Iowa. Your offering will support their Senior Companion Program, which provides social/emotional support, respite care and transportation for low-income elderly people.
  • Iowa Legal Aid provides resources for low-income Iowans, seniors and others looking for help with a legal problem or seeking information on the law. Your offering will help Iowa Legal Aid represent and defend victims of domestic violence.
  • The U.S. Committee on Immigrants and Refugees – Iowa helps the world’s most vulnerable break through social, cultural, and economic barriers so that previously interrupted lives can flourish. A grant from the Easter Special Offering will allow USCIR-IA to purchase car seats for the children of newly arrived immigrants.

Your gift will directly benefit those in need of compassion and may be mailed to the church office, or given to a deacon during Easter services. Gifts by check should be made out to Plymouth Church with “Easter Offering” on the memo line. Or you can contribute online by clicking here. Be sure to check the box designating that your gift is for the Easter Offering.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity.


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