Financial Donations for Refugee Family

The Plymouth Welcomes a Refugee Family project is putting out an emergency appeal for financial donations, with an immediate goal to raise an additional $1,000.

Due to government processing delays, the refugee family has not yet received their social security cards or food stamps. Plymouth’s goal is to support this family as they establish themselves in their new home and life in Iowa, so our project team will have to be flexible in responding to this.

You may recall that Plymouth is partnering with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants Des Moines (USCRI), who has handled all aspects of the governmental paperwork. After the refugee family’s arrival on September 15, USCRI immediately helped the family apply for all of the necessary benefits, and we expected the family would have received these things by now.

Plymouth originally planned on providing one month of culturally-appropriate food for the family, to cover the gap until they received access to food stamps. That month has come and gone now. However, the family’s application for food stamps cannot be completed until they receive their social security numbers. Due to the unexpected delays with social security processing, we anticipate it will be another few weeks before the family is able to receive their food stamps.

We are now facing an urgent need. We need to cover the additional costs of food at the same time we are planning to purchase winter gear and clothing for the family. If you are able to assist financially, please see donation instructions below.

Thank you, Plymouth, for your continued prayers and support!

For any questions, please contact Virginia Traxler at

How to Donate

You may donate online here by selecting “Other” under Donation Type and typing “Refugee Family Project” in the Donation Note.

You can also mail cash or a check with “Refugee Family Project” in the memo line to:

Plymouth Church
ATTN: Nancy Basset
4126 Ingersoll Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50312

Other Refugee Family News

Medicaid Delays Affect School Enrollment

We’re happy to report that the family’s Medicaid is now set up. The children cannot be enrolled in school until they have had school physicals and received at least the first dose of required childhood vaccinations. These necessary medical appointments were on hold, due to unexpected delays in Medicaid enrollment. However, with the arrival of the family’s Medicaid this week, those medical appointments can now move forward!

The parents, Marwan and Sanaa are eager for the children to go to school. To assist the family during this time, Plymouth volunteers are exploring options to provide temporary tutoring for the children. We will share updates on this as we move forward.