focUS Insights: Let’s Live into Our Motto!

Results from the focUS Survey conducted in February are available for review, and they highlight the many strengths of our church community, some frustrations, and an eagerness to move forward together to live out our fullest potential.

The survey was delivered as part of Plymouth’s focUS initiative which was designed to help members, staff, and leaders engage in a “conversation about who we are and why we are here.” The hope is that the survey can aid in the ongoing work of the church, especially in the creation of Ministry Action Plans (MAPs) by boards and committees.

The survey gave Plymouth members opportunities to reflect on the value of Plymouth Church in their lives and assess various components of the church. There were 36 questions, including eleven that were open-ended. Survey Monkey was used to design, distribute, and analyze the survey.

In total, 258 members completed the survey giving Plymouth an overall satisfaction rating of 7.64 on a 10-point scale. They also shared their assessments and insights about worship, engagement, communication, strengths, frustrations, and hopes for the future.

Key findings suggest that members really appreciate the quality of worship and music at Plymouth as well as opportunities to learn and serve the larger community. At the same time, we can improve the ways we help members meet and serve each other.  Also, the effects of the Black Lives Matter banner decision from last year along with the politically divisive climate of our society, more generally, are being felt by members of Plymouth, but mostly with the hope that we can move past some of the disappointments and more fully live into our motto to agree to differ, resolve to love, and unite to serve.

2019 focUS Survey Results


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