Go on a Joy Hunt

Go on a Joy Hunt!

Make a “Joy Spotter” to look for things that bring you and your family JOY!

Download a PDF of these directions here!

You Will Need:

  • An empty paper towel or toilet paper roll OR a piece of cardstock for each family member
  • Crayons, markers, or paints
  • OPTIONAL: stickers, ribbon or yarn, colored tape, etc.


  1. Decorate the tube. You can cover it with paper, or color it with crayons, markers or paint.
  2. If using cardstock: decorate the cardstock. Roll it into a tube. Tape the seam
  3. You are ready to use your God Spotter to look for things that bring you JOY!
  4. Go on a JOY HUNT in your home, outside or on a walk.
  5. Later, try to remember all the things you found that bring you JOY!
  6. Say a prayer of thanks- include the things that bring your family JOY:

Loving God,
We have so many joys in our life
Thank you for: [list your joys]
On days when things are hard,
Help us remember the joys you have given us.