I Was a Stranger

The “I Was a Stranger 40 Day Challenge” was developed by the Evangelical Immigration Table, but is relevant for all Christians who are interested in listening for what God is saying to the Church about migrants & refugees. The Challenge is simply a series of daily Scripture readings from the Bible. The Welcoming Migrants Committee (WMC) is sponsoring this Challenge during Lent because, while immigration is clearly a political, social and economic issue, it’s also a Biblical issue; however, research suggests that many Christians have never thought about immigration issues from the perspective of the Scriptures.

The Challenge is really quite simple – by taking the Challenge you make a commitment to read a short passage of Scripture each day for 40 consecutive days, & to reflect on that passage in your heart.

To take the challenge to a deeper level & make it more meaningful, the WMC invites you to consider some additional activities:

  • Read the column by Noel Anderson (UCC & Church World Services Grassroots Coordinator for Immigrants’ Rights) “There is Enough for All – Even During a Pandemic”.
  • Keep a journal of your reflections (see Journal/Reflection prompts below).
  • Share your reflections on the “I Was a Stranger” Facebook group and see the meditations of other Plymouth members.
  • Share the specific Scripture and your reflections on your personal Facebook page.
  • Pray for immigrants in the Des Moines area and across the country.
  • Invite local, state &/or federal elected officials to commit to taking the challenge & praying about this important issue.


Journal/Reflection prompts:

  • Was there a time or times when you were a “stranger”? What did the people around you do that made you feel more welcome?
  • How do our current public policies oppress or welcome the stranger? What would our public policy on immigration look like if it reflected Scripture?
  • What does your Star Gift have to teach you about welcoming the stranger?
  • What could Plymouth do to be more welcoming to the stranger?