Here is what you need to know about Plymouth Church on this sunny St. Patrick’s Day! Today’s update is chock full of information about opportunities to connect online, weekend worship and a very concrete way to help neighbors in need.



Plymouth’s Facebook page is about to get a lot more active. We invite you to join us each weekday at 11:00 a.m. for an on-line opportunity to connect. Here is a tentative schedule:

MONDAY is the Monday Morning Check-In with Matt Mardis-LeCroy. We will touch base, share the latest news about Plymouth Church and take some time to pray together.

TUESDAY is Connect Point with Karen Jeske. Join Plymouth people for 10-15 minutes to center, process feelings, and connect with other Plymouth members about what we are all experiencing related to social distancing.

WEDNESDAY is Bible Study with Matt Mardis-LeCroy. Join us for an exploration of the text that will inform our weekend worship at Plymouth.

THURSDAY is the day to join Mary Kate Buchanan. This week she will be sharing about Spirituality and Baking!

FRIDAY will be Lindsey Braun with messaging, connection and resources for focusing on families with children.

Remember, all opportunities are at 11:00 a.m.



Worship will continue on-line as well. On Saturday we will livestream the Saturday Night service on Facebook at 5:30. On Sunday morning we will post a new high-quality YouTube video of worship from our sanctuary. LeAnn will be preaching, with liturgy and prayer from Matt Mardis-LeCroy and a children’s message from Mary Kate Buchanan.



Over the last several days, Nikira Hernandez-Evans has been working with other local clergy through the Des Moines Area Religious Council to set up a network that can identify people with specific needs and match them to someone able to meet that need. Grocery delivery, childcare, prescription medication pickup, social interaction, wellness checks and so much more.

Below you will find two links, one for people in our community to request help with things like grocery drop-offs, childcare, prescription pick-ups, etc. The other link is for people to share what they can do to help. Please share both widely so that we can come together to make sure no one in our community falls through the cracks.


Request for Community Support


Offer for Community Support



Please remember that our building will be closed to the public. All meetings and programs will be suspended. Please stay away from the church building to help us keep our community safe.



WEBSITE. To Find the Latest News About Plymouth Church: In your web browser, go to Under the large picture, you will see the NEWS heading in capital letters. That is where you will find the latest information and links to our most recent worship videos.

FACEBOOK. To Connect to Plymouth on Facebook (including livestreams of Bible studies and Saturday worship): Just click here. Or, in your web browser, go to and enter the words “plymouth congregational church (ucc) des moines” in the search bar. The first search result will be our page. Feel free to browse through posts and pictures. If you are looking for a livestream specifically (such as Saturday Night worship), look to the left hand side of the screen. There will be a list of words arranged vertically. One of them, about halfway down the page, is “videos.”  Click on that and it will take you to our latest offerings. If a livestream is in progress, there will be a small tag with the word “live” next to the word “videos.

YOUTUBE. To view our extensive collections of music and sermons on YouTube: In your web browser, go to  and enter the words “Plymouth united church of christ dsm” in the search bar. The first result will be our YouTube channel, which currently has 162 videos of worship in our sanctuary.


Worship Podcasts

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