LEGO Series

Ages 4 to 99+. That’s the age range displayed on most LEGO sets. If you are not a kid or teenager, when was the last time you experienced the simple joy of snapping two bricks together? Maybe you had the chance to build a car for the “LEGO Series: Racing the Road to Emmaus” event on October 22 or watched me test and crash cars on the twenty-foot LEGO track on Oct 16.

More exciting LEGO events are on the way! Look forward to:

LEGO Noah’s Ark:
What floats (or sinks) your boat? Let’s find out! Join Pastor Peter on Saturday, November 19 at 10 a.m. in Waveland Hall for the LEGO Series: Build Your Own Ark. All ages are welcome. We will be building LEGO boats and seeing if they can float. Prizes will be given out for the boat that holds the most pennies without sinking. See you there!

LEGO Christmas Village:
We will need all hands on deck to create a LEGO Christmas Village. This event will be held in early December. Final date and time is to be determined. Look forward to more details coming soon!

Do you have LEGO or DUPLO that are gathering dust in an attic or garage?
Pastor Peter is collecting LEGO and DUPLO to use for themed events. Our recent LEGO events have been a big hit, and we have more in store for the program year. If you have any bricks that you would like to donate, you can contact Pastor Peter at or 515.690.5015. During the week LEGO and DUPLO can be dropped off at the Volunteer Office.