Make Your Own Joy Jar

Make Your Own Joy Jar

Here is a way for your family to identify the joys in their lives!

Download a PDF of these directions here!

What you need:

  • A jar or container
  • Paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Markers or crayons


  1. Decorate your family’s Joy Jar. Make a Joy Jar label, draw pictures, and have fun!
  2. Cut paper into strips. Your family will write their joys on the strips of paper. Children may want to draw pictures of their joys- make wider strips for pictures.
  3. Put the Joy Jar where your family will see it and use it.
  4. Over the next couple of weeks, start to fill the Joy Jar (choose a time each day to ask everyone “What brought you Joy today?” Write answers on strips of paper. Ask each family member to write or draw their answer.
  5. Watch your jar fill up!
  6. After a few weeks, empty the jar and read the strips of paper. Celebrate how blessed your family is to have Joy in your lives.
  7. Make a collage. Glue the strips on a large piece of paper.
  8. Make a paper Joy Chain with the strips of paper.
  9. Start to fill your Joy Jar again.

When a day is not going well for someone in your family, think about how your Joys can help.

Look through the collage or chain or the papers in the Joy Jar.

Which JOY or JOYS make you feel better?

Say a prayer of thanks:

Loving God
I am having a hard time.
Thank you for the Joy(s) of ________________.
Help me think about my Joys when things are hard.