Meskwaki Annual Powwow 2021

Plymouth Church is invited to unite with the Meskwaki community through laughter, dance, singing, and remembering at the annual Meskwaki Powwow August 12-15. The Meskwaki Powwow was derived from the Green Corn Dance, an annual event that took place during the harvesting of crops. Although dance styles and content have evolved over the years, the Meskwaki still consider the event a time of affirmation and hope, of kinship and friendship.

In Plymouth’s land acknowledgment, we vow to honor with gratitude the land itself and the peoples who have protected it through generations. Our faith calls us to be good stewards of this land. By sharing in this opportunity, Plymouth congregation will have a window into what the Native Americans brought to our first “Thanksgiving”: games, food, and a sense of communal celebration.

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