Plymouth Women Adventure Groups (PWAG) Enrollment Begins Sept. 1

Adventure groups are forming for women of all ages, life stages and interests seeking safe, liberating adventures to enhance the mind, body or spirit. Online registration is Sept. 1-25 (link will be provided when registration is live), with a kick-off event for registered women on Tuesday Oct. 3, 7 p.m., Waveland Hall. Additional information is available online under Connecting, Plymouth Women Fellowship & Study Groups or contact Plymouth member Erin Osier at 515.868.6067, or


Heart Condition

  Do you have a heart condition? Do you want one? This week, the Narrative Lectionary serves up the story of God calling David to be king of Israel. It is an important story because David looms so large in Scripture –one the Bible’s best developed characters and Israel’s most-revered monarch. But how did David... Read More

Christmas Special Offering Grants

The Board of Benevolence seeks grant applications from non-profit organizations with projects that may include those that ease racism, relieve the burden of excessive incarceration, support immigration, and seek to help those affected by mental illness.... Read More

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