Plymouth’s Green Space

Plastic! It’s everywhere. Can’t live without it, or so it seems, unhealthy for the environment and ultimately unhealthy for most living beings. One estimate believes the equivalent of one garbage truck full of plastic, every minute, every day, all year long is being dumped into our oceans. Of course, plastic bags, single-use products, water bottles but even the microbeads found in some toothpastes find their way into the mouths of sea turtles, seabirds and whales. The end for them is not good. The hope is to make the use of plastics so undesirable and so unpopular that eventually the future is free of plastic pollution. Start with a canvas shopping bag and a glass water bottle and recycle.


Christmas Special Offering Grants 2018

Plymouth Church is humbled in gratitude for all that we have freely received from God. We continue to grow in generosity by giving away of our possessions that include food, clothing, furniture and money. We want this monetary abundance to flow out from Plymouth Church and into the hands of deserving organizations for people most... Read More

Blessing of the Animals 2018 – Photos by Warren Taylor

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