Refugee Family Project Update

Big news this week! We have been matched with a refugee family of six from Syria. The family composition includes mom, dad, and four children – son (11), daughter (9), daughter (7), and son (5). They are currently located in Amman, Jordan. We’ve been told they speak Arabic only, no English, and their religion is Muslim Sunni. The father completed intermediary school and was a shop owner. The mother completed primary school. The family is scheduled to arrive in Des Moines on September 14. (The exact arrival date may change due to COVID.)

We know the congregation is eager to welcome our refugee family, but due to COVID limitations and the family’s lengthy travel to Iowa, the welcome will be short and limited to a small welcome group, which has already been confirmed. Our family will be exhausted and eager to get to their new home, eat a welcome Syrian meal that we’ll provide, and settle into bed for a good night’s rest — perhaps the first time in their own beds in years! We’ll be sharing more details as they become available, so stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.