Senior Minister Search Update: Feb. 22

The senior minister search committee continued our work in February and made progress in defining the pieces of the upcoming search.

After evaluating three search firms by written proposals and follow-up Zoom interviews, the committee has decided to move forward with Slingshot Group. Slingshot Group specializes in executive searches for churches and Christian non-profits. Mike Goldsworthy will be the staffing and coaching associate working with our committee. In addition to his extensive experience in senior leadership searches, he also has past ministerial experience as a senior pastor.

We are excited to begin the discovery phase with Mike and Slingshot Group. It will include meetings with Plymouth staff, committees and groups for valuable input. He is also planning an in-person visit to Plymouth and Des Moines in the near future. This visit will help to gain a better understanding of the life of Plymouth and Plymouth’s presence within the community.

Additional next steps will also include collaboration with the UCC Conference search and call steward, Rev. Samantha Houser. Rev Houser will offer assistance in building a church profile for Plymouth. The UCC utilizes church profiles within the conference and denomination’s search process. This information, which is both statistical and subjective, will help define Plymouth’s current status and hopes for future growth. Again, we will be asking for input and plan to be in conversation with the congregation.

Please watch this space for information regarding ways in which you can share your thoughts in this valuable information gathering process. Meanwhile, the search committee can always be reached at