Senior Minister Search Update: June 21

As the search committee begins the important phase of evaluating resumes and candidates, it is a good time to review and summarize some of the findings from the congregational survey this spring.

Plymouth, as always, you showed up with enthusiasm and thoughtful responses. It is not surprising most respondents cited finding a candidate who gives enthusiastic, compelling sermons as important to the selection process.

Some other key areas included specific goals such as growing the children and family programming at Plymouth. This was part of a larger common theme of faith formation, creating connections and revitalizing membership. The strategic plan was also a recurring theme. Plymouth’s mission to practice radical love and inclusion offer space for a creative vision going forward. The next leader at Plymouth will also be called to support social justice initiatives and provide leadership within our community. The successful candidate will need to be able to navigate the complexities of a large church with strategic thinking and operational excellence.

The survey responses helped build the Plymouth UCC Profile. It is available for review here.

The search committee continues to work with consultant, Slingshot Group. The Slingshot church profile is available here.

The search committee has been thoughtfully weighing the findings from the congregational survey. The goal will be to find a candidate who meets many of the criteria and demonstrates a passion for Plymouth Church. That passion will be defined by a desire to grow with the congregation in the journey ahead. The process of transitioning to new leadership will be a learning curve for everyone. Plymouth Church, you have shown again and again you will welcome the new senior minister and their future opportunities to lead with open arms.

Be sure to watch this space for additional updates in the coming weeks. You can also find all the transition updates on Plymouth website’s Senior Minister Transition page. The senior minister search committee can be reached at