Senior Minister Search Update: June 7

The position for senior minister continues to be posted with both the UCC search and call process and the Slingshot Group search firm. The open position has been posted since the beginning of May and continues to attract candidates from various backgrounds. All resumes collected are being routed through Slingshot Group for review. The first round of candidates will be presented to the search committee in early July for consideration.

While resumes are being collected, the search committee has also been preparing for the upcoming interviews with potential candidates. Preparation has included individual discernment and strategic small group work. Implicit bias training was held to help the committee identify and avoid implicit bias during the interview process. Also, in-depth work has been ongoing in developing appropriate strategies and questions for each interview. The committee once again asks for prayers and support from the congregation as it moves into this next important phase of the search.

Watch for more updates in the coming weeks on Plymouth’s website and other church communications. The search committee can always be reached by email at