Stories for the Easter Season

The Project:

Stories are catalysts to create and share meaning and grow community. During Eastertide (the season immediately following Easter), Plymouth is exploring JOY. When Jesus told the disciples he would make their joy complete, he had some notion of both how important and how fleeting joy can be. So. From the silly stories when you laughed so hard your stomach hurt, to the challenges that have taught you to savor joy when it appears, we want to hear your stories about JOY.


Joy found me when… Can you finish this sentence? If so, go for it! If that feels too broad or you need help homing in, take a look at the prompts below and choose one that speaks to you. See if you can fill in the blank in two sentences or 35 words or less. What else do people need to know to really get it? Growing out from this kernel will be easier than trying to cut down a bigger story.

  • I laughed so hard my stomach hurt when…
  • I felt joy when I least expected to when…
  • I thought I’d never feel joy again when…
  • I knew my joy was NOT complete when…
  • I jumped for joy when…

Coaching & Directions:

  • Prepare a three-minute video sharing your story. (It’s best to record in landscape mode)
  • Three minutes is approximately 350-400 words if it’s written out, but we hope you will practice and film your video without using notes. (or with minimal notes)
  • Share it with Lindsey Braun for support and feedback!
  • If you don’t know how to start, try starting in the middle of your story (drop us right into the middle of the action)
  • Imagine your story on a storyboard or as a comic strip. What three main scenes or images do people need to see and understand to “get” it.
  • Think about your senses in the moment (or period of time). What could you smell, feel, hear, see? Set the scene for us and help us be there with you.
  • What’s at stake?
  • Make sure there’s a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Check to see that the “end” really is the end to the story you just told. (Sometimes our desire to wrap things up with a nice bow leads us to tack an ending on that doesn’t belong to our story)
  • When your video is complete, please upload it to the Dropbox link here: