Technology Upgrades Coming to Plymouth

Update: 5.27.2021

What does your Plymouth’s data management system have in common with spring showers? The clouds! They may bring the rain coming down on your gardens, but here at Plymouth our old Shelby V5 System has gone to the clouds! Yes, that’s right! We have completed the first phase of upgrading our church data management system.

The first piece of making this a success was to clean up our current data. Thanks to the help of the staff and many volunteers, we have updated thousands of records. Simple updates from telephone formats to identifying the various types of relationships folks have with our church to inputting key dates in the life of the church such as baptisms, confirmations, new members and deaths. This process was extremely manual and we will need your help down the road to validate many portions for us.

After the data clean-up, we moved it over to Shelby Next which will be our platform for the future. The first phase was “membership” and this includes demographics on members, families, giving, organizations, and attendance.

The new system was rolled out to our financial and administrative staff in mid-May and is currently being rolled out to our pastoral staff, followed by our volunteers and board chairs by the end of June. During this time we will be creating new statements, forms, groups and online interactions that are critical for our staff to serve such a large and caring congregation.

Now for the really cool stuff! Our goal for August is to have the new application in your capable hands, so you can review your basic data and demographics and make those changes yourself. We know that not everyone is ready for this technology change, but we will have kiosks set-up to help and volunteers available to take your calls. We’ll do everything we can to make this easy for all.

There will be more to come next month, but we have lots of exciting things coming your way like upgrading our Wi-Fi and a mobile app for you to access our church information and check-in on upcoming services or activities.