Trauma and its Role in Human Trafficking

The Plymouth Human Trafficking Task Force is continuing its volunteer efforts to end Human Trafficking in all its forms. Over the past few months we have made a concerted effort to train our volunteers about “Trauma Informed Care” and what that looks like. On January 20 the Task Force is providing a program for the public that will help them understand what Human Trafficking is and the role that trauma plays. They’ll gain a better understanding of the physical changes that it causes in the brain and how understanding this can help us as a community better support survivors of human trafficking.

This presentation will provide information on the importance of trauma informed care from a highly regarded speaker who works with victims on a daily basis. Terry Forliti, who you may recall was our keynote speaker several years ago, is the Executive Director of “Breaking Free”, a treatment program in St. Paul that treats between 150 and 200 trafficking survivors each year. This typically involves making the victim feel safe both physically and emotionally, taking into consideration the survivor’s life experiences.  Understanding this can help us as community better support survivors of human trafficking. Terry Forliti will tell us how Trauma Informed Care is provided on the front line along with some of her successes using this approach.  She will also discuss what we as a community can do to further the survivor’s healing.

This program will be held on January 20 virtually only. You can register here. The link to join the program will be provided all who are registered the day of the event. Contact Shirlee Reding at  with questions or for additional information.