Welcoming Allen Hilton to Plymouth Church


I am very excited to welcome the Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton to Plymouth this weekend! Here is your preview of what he plans on doing. Don’t miss worship this weekend!

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning Sermon


A House United – How the Church Can Save the World

Jeremiah 29.4-7; John 17.20-23


You and I live in a land divided by increasingly vicious political tribalism with record levels of polarization. To bring those statistics closer to home, almost half of American parents would be deeply concerned if their child were to marry someone from the opposite political party. Our nation needs help, and you’d think that we Christians are the least likely source of help, with a rap sheet that includes the Inquisitions, the brutal religious wars of modern Europe, and a Fundamentalist vs Liberal battle that gave birth to the American culture wars and persists into our present time.


What if God could change the church? Jesus commanded his disciples to “love one another as I’ve loved you” and prayed “that they all may be one.” (John 13.34-35 and 17.20-21) How can Christians come together across our differences and help our republic learn to be “a more perfect union”? On Sunday, Sept 22, come hear our guest preacher, Dr. Allen Hilton, help us imagine partnering with God to heal our polarized land.


Sunday Class

Being Christian During a Presidential Campaign


During in an election season, tensions rise in a family, neighborhood, church, city, and nation. We all need strategies that bring us together across our differences, but our emotions run hot when the subject turns to politics. Join Dr. Allen Hilton after worship on Sunday, Sept 22, as we look straight at our American problem and learn how to love one another despite our disagreements – even to make our differences an asset rather than a threat.


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