World Communion Sunday Message from Ebenezer Baptist Church

World Communion Sunday Message from Ebenezer Baptist Church

Dear brothers and sisters,

May the peace of our God that connects us, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that redeems us, and the communion of the Holy Spirit that unites us, be with you.

We are celebrating World Communion Day in a time that urges us not to congregate because of the threat of the pandemic. It seems paradoxical, but it’s a serious subject because it’s about life. However, the infinite grace of our God allows us to join in the communion of his Holy Spirit in spite of physical distance or cultural barriers.

This is a special occasion for us to thank God for having such a beautiful sister church in Des Moines, Iowa. What better gesture to celebrate World Communion Day than the knowledge that we are united, in communion, by the bonds of God’s love that make us a beautiful family!

We are ratifying our desire and agreement to continue working on maintaining the bridge of brotherhood that unites, reconciles and joins us as brothers and sisters in spite of the challenges that we must confront because of the decades-long difficult relationship between our two governments. Because of this, we continue to work and to pray so that, as Psalm 85 says, “justice and peace will kiss each other.”

In this determination to keep walking together, it’s important to be nourished by everything that contributes to our communion. In this endeavor, two things come to mind. First, this beautiful advice that has been left to us by those who have preceded us on the path: “In what’s essential, unity; in what’s not essential, freedom; in everything, love.”

Secondly, Plymouth’s motto: “We agree to differ, we resolve to love, we unite to serve.”

We plead that you continue to pray for us and for the realization of Jesus’s prayer that everyone becomes as one.

Once again, please accept a warm embrace from your sister church in Cuba, Ebenezer Baptist Church of Marianao.

Reverend Idael Montero Pacheco