Plymouth Staff Directory

Church Phone: 515.255.3149

Nancy Bassett
Accountant, ext. 18

Elsie (Wunn) Brault
Communications Assistant, ext. 15

Lindsey Braun
Minister of Vitality and Outreach, ext. 46

Mary Kate Buchanan
Associate Minister, ext. 49

Cindy Eaton-Eklund
Director of Communications, ext. 22

Christopher Goodson
Director of Music and Fine Arts, ext. 24

Carl Gravander
Organist, ext. 25

Diane Hayes
Music & Fine Arts Administrative Assistant, ext. 12

Karen Quance Jeske 
Director of Transition into Ministry Program, ext. 48

Rushing Kimball
Associate Minister, ext. 27

Dan Olson
Facility Manager, ext. 35

Sarai Rice 
Interim Senior Minister, ext. 17

LeAnn Stubbs
Minister of Care and Connection, ext. 13

Emily Tripp
Director of Operations and Finance, ext. 19

Susan Waller
Director of Youth Ministry, ext. 21