Meet Our Plymouth Staff

On this page, you will find all of our Pastoral, Program, and Administrative staff members. You can find out more about each person and contact them via e-mail if you have questions/concerns. You can also give them a call by dialing the church’s main phone number which is 515-255-3149. Choose Option 1 and enter the staff person’s 2-digit extension. We have office volunteers available during office hours which are Mondays to Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Fridays from 9 a.m. to noon.

Pastoral Staff

Dr. Jared Wortman
Senior Pastor
ex. 01  |  he/him

LeAnn Stubbs
Pastor of Congregational & Community Care
ex. 13  |  she/her

Melody Webb
Pastor of Children & Families
ex. 04 |  she/her

Rushing Kimball
Associate Pastor
ex. 16  |  he/him

Jack Mahoney
Associate Pastor
ex. 09  |  he/him

Peter Strobel
Associate Pastor
ex. 15  |  he/him

Program & Administrative Staff

Tyler Ames
Intern for Children, Youth, & Young Adult Engagement

Craig Bittick
Media Assistant

Elsie Brault
Communications Associate
ex. 10  |  she/her

Connie Broich
Director of Operations & Technology
ex. 19  |  she/her

Christopher Goodson
Director of Music & Fine Arts
ex. 05  |  he/him

Diane Hayes
Music & Fine Arts Admin. Assistant
ex. 12  |  she/her

Seth Hedquist
Director of the Saturday Night Band

Karen Quance Jeske
Director of Adult Education & TiM Program
ex. 02  |  she/her

Sohee Lee
Organist / Associate Director of Music
ex. o3  |  she/her

Dan Mowry
Facilities Manager
ex. 08  |  he/him

Erin Moynihan
Communications Director
ex. 06  |  she/her

Jeff Rodman
ex. 18  |  he/him

Daniel Schott
Executive Assistant
ex. 14  |  he/him

Susan Waller
Director of Creative Arts
ex. 07  |  she/her

Samantha Whalen
Program Assistant / Child Care Coordinator
ex. 17  |  she/her