Plymouth Women Adventure Groups

What is a Plymouth Women Adventure Group (PWAG)?

An adventure group is comprised of eight women who commit for one year to experience safe, liberating adventures that enhance the mind, body, or spirit. They commit to plan/attend eight adventures (two per season: fall, winter, spring, summer) throughout the year. Participants are grouped based on their self-selected activity and monetary comfort levels as entered on their enrollment forms. Women of all ages, life stages and interests are encouraged to participate! We’ve had women in their 20s and 80s enjoy PWAG.


Goals of an Adventure Group

  • Cultivate friendships with other Plymouth women who are eager to learn, love, and grow.
  • Go on adventures that keep the spirit of wonder and learning alive.
  • Engage in acts of kindness that enhance the adventure and remind us that opportunities for spreading God’s grace surround us all the time.


What is an Adventure?

Adventures come in many forms. They can be large or small, short or long, playful or serious. The important thing is that they somehow enhance the mind, body, or spirit. Adventures can be divided into categories (such as the examples listed below), and each Adventure Group will brainstorm their own ideas. Groups select activities that they’ve always wanted to experience.

In addition, each adventure includes an act of kindness as well as a short spiritual component as tangible expressions of God’s grace.

Adventure Examples:

  • Entertainment
    DM Metro Opera, Broadway show, rodeo, theater, car racing
  • Sports/Physical Fitness
    Biking, kayaking, hula hooping, yoga, horseback riding, belly dancing
  • Creative
    Pottery, stained glass, weaving, woodworking, cooking
  • Charitable
    Read stories to children at the Library, serve a meal at a shelter
  • Educational
    Visit Salisbury House, beekeeping, learn sign language
  • Spirit-Enhancing
    Learn about another religion, visit a cultural center, learn meditation


What an Adventure is Not:

Adventure Groups and adventures are not “fear-factor” groups. Adventures should not be dangerous or risky activities – use common sense.


What Would Be My Commitment to the Group?

There will be eight adventures throughout the year (two per season). Most adventures take place during a single meeting. Adventurers will be placed in groups of eight participants according to self-selected activity and monetary comfort levels as listed on enrollment form. Group members will use a rotating schedule that will allow each member to organize (pilot) one adventure for their group and assist (co-pilot) on one other adventure. Each group will select a communication “point person” who will commit to contacting the group to keep adventures on schedule.


Special Events:

Does participation in an Adventure Group sound fun, but you’re not sure if you can commit the time right now? Keep your eyes open for a variety of activities planned by the Board of Plymouth Women that will allow you to try new things in fellowship with other women, but when your interests and schedule allow. Look for these opportunities publicized in Current Happenings inside weekly worship bulletins, Plymouth Weekly emailed every Thursday, the CONTACT monthly magazine, and on the website. Attend when you can.


How Do I Sign Up?

Registration forms are available during September, and you will answer a few questions about your adventure group preferences. This will allow us to place you in an appropriate group.


What if I Have Questions?

Contact Chloe Bodenhamer, 515.371.5655.