Hospitality & Belonging

How can you nurture and develop a greater sense of hospitality in your life? Can you be welcoming and supportive to more people? Would you like to feel deeper connection with your family, friends, or co-workers? Are you called to help Plymouth be a more hospitable and welcoming place?

  • Commit to watching worship each week when it’s LIVE on Facebook at 5:30 p.m. on Saturdays or premiering on YouTube at 9 a.m. on Sundays. When you watch worship LIVE, you can engage with other members in the comment area. (Not on Facebook? No worries. Just follow the link on our website and you can view it through your web browser. You simply won’t be able to participate by making comments.)
  • Volunteer to call on other Plymouth members and check in with them during Lent.
  • Get an email list of our newest members who joined this year from Mary Kate Buchanan and send each of them a welcoming email.
  • Bake cookies and share with a neighbor.
  • Reach out and find ways to connect with your most important people. Have a conversation about how they have found meaning during this pandemic.
  • Purchase Plymouth merchandise and wear it!

For Families:

Looking for a fun way to explore a variety of PRACTICES with the whole family? Bless this Mess is a downloadable set of Lenten PRACTICES you can print at home on paper or card stock that cover each of these first three pillars. They are designed to provide your family with fun and meaning during the season. Feel free to connect them to the pillars outlined here by writing the name of the pillar that best captures each Practice on the back side.

Church Office Volunteers Wanted

Do you have free time during the week and are looking for something safe you can do? Plymouth is looking for volunteers to assist our church staff in covering phone shifts during the week. If you would like to learn more or are interested in volunteering, please contact Betty Fosburgh:

Plymouth Merchandise Store

Plymouth Merchandise Store Take a bit of Plymouth with you wherever you go! The Board of Membership is excited to offer Plymouth swag for purchase. We have six options available! Bamboo Face Masks: $5 Short Sleeve T-shirt: $10 Long Sleeve T-shirt: $15 Quarter-Zip Sweater: $35 Reusable Bag: $10 Travel Mug: $30 Scroll down to see [...]