Justice & Kindness

What does it mean to you to DO justice, LOVE kindness, and to walk HUMBLY with god? Plymouth is a Just Peace Church that is also committed to anti-racism education and creation care and justice. How familiar are you with this work at Plymouth? Do you need to learn more, or is it time to become more active in these pursuits? Plymouth also actively reaches out to organizations in our community to support those in need. How can you do your part? How might your life change if you looked for ways to show kindness to strangers more often?

  • Learn more about Des Moines’ history with urban renewal by participating in the Understanding Social Injustice Through the Power of Place series that will take place on four Saturday mornings in March.
  • Check out Plymouth’s all new Digital Library and our Practice Radical Love Book List. You will find titles for all of the pillars, including some great ones to learn more about practicing Justice. Select a book and read it during Lent.
  • Participate in the “I Was a Stranger” Lenten challenge. You can find a link with more information in our Online Toolkit, but this challenge combines daily scripture reading with building awareness around immigration concerns and issues.
  • As we move closer to Easter, watch for information about our Special Easter Offering. At Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas, Plymouth selects local organizations that provide direct service to people in need to receive our special offering. Consider a generous gift this Easter.
  • Donate to a local charity providing relief to people in need.
  • Support a locally-owned business and/or give radically generous tips to restaurant or drive-thru workers during Lent.
  • Try the 25 Random Acts of Kindness Challenge in the Online Toolkit.

Radical Love Book List

Practice Radical Love Book List Books for all of the pillars, including some great ones to learn more about practicing Justice. Bread for the Resistance: Forty Devotions for Justice People By: Donna Barber Sometimes you get tired, doing this thing we call justice. Making the case, fighting the fight, having to explain again and again [...]