Meaning & Purpose

What do you need in your life that will help you live your faith everyday? What daily commitments do you need to make to study, worship, or pray? What would help you see yourself as a minister of Jesus Christ at home, at work, and in the community? Are you called to help other Plymouth members discover meaning and purpose?

  • Download the Lenten Devotional, Emily Dickinson and the Poetry of Lent, and follow the readings, prayers, meditations, and other practice suggestions that it includes.
  • Pick one day, Monday–Thursday, each week to participate in the 5:30 p.m. Evening Prayer services on Plymouth’s Facebook page. (Not on Facebook? No worries. Just follow the link on our website and you can view it through your web browser.)
  • Join Plymouth’s regular weekly Bible Study on Zoom on Wednesday nights.
  • Join the Wisdom in the Time of Pandemic book study led by LeAnn Stubbs and Brian Leckrone on Sunday afternoons.
  • Set aside time each day for prayer or silence. Start small with a minute or two and gradually increase this throughout Lent.
  • Visit the church for some sacred time. The sanctuary will be open a few times each week for private prayer. The Gallery will allow visitors in small groups. A Labyrinth will be set up in Waveland Hall during Holy Week. Watch church publications and the website for details.
  • Download and print the Gratitude Jar — one for the family or one for each family member — and write a word or phrase you are grateful for each day during Lent.
  • Love to take photos? Check out the Lenten #PracticeRadicalLove #PlymouthChurchDSM photo challenge in the Toolkit. Be sure to include both hashtags!
  • Download the Practice Radical Love playlist and listen to it often.

Radical Love Playlist

Practice Radical Love Playlist Be bold. Explore new artists. Get creative. Break up your routine. Here are some songs we love! "Open the Eyes of My Heart," "Wounded Healer," and "Shiloh" by Audrey Assad "Cynical" and "Fallen" by Propaganda "Every Mile Mattered," "Dear Me," and "The Unmaking" by Nichole Nordeman "Found/Tonight" by Ben Platt and [...]