Operational Excellence

If our PRACTICES — your’s combined with all of our members – make our church, then our PRACTICES of presence and attention to the ways we function as a church are critical. Plymouth is confronting a few critical crossroads — being a vibrant church during a pandemic, new Senior Minister Search, new proposed Bylaws, new Strategic Plan. What attention can you bring to these matters? You are Plymouth Church! Your time and attention to these and other matters will make us a better church.

A Checklist of Ways You Can Help Plymouth Achieve Operational Excellence:

  • Attend Worship.
  • Attend events and try new things at church.
  • Stay informed by reading The Contact each month.
  • Stay informed by reading our three weekly emails:
  • Share your time, talent, and treasure….maybe on a board or committee?
  • Express gratitude for the work of church leaders and the staff through email.
  • Read the Strategic Plan.

Take a Sabbath:

Attend to your own Operational Excellence by making time for rest or sabbath. Make space for an intentional break from your work, worries, or stresses. Make the duration whatever length of time would feel like a true sabbath — five minutes, an hour, half a day or a whole day. Unlike God, we need to rest and recharge to practice radical love everywhere and always.