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A Legacy of Caring and Sharing

The Plymouth Church Foundation accepts contributions from caring supporters and shares the earnings generated by these gifts with others in the Plymouth family—often creating new, and unimagined futures. Since 1979, grants totaling $1.5 million have provided needed catalysts for projects, programs and ministries not budgeted for through general fund giving.

The challenge is that grant requests often exceed funds available. As a result the Foundation deeply appreciates every contribution received. This web site will help you discover the many ways you can make a lasting contribution—leaving your legacy—to Plymouth Church and the Plymouth family. It also tells how Plymouth groups recognized by the Plymouth Church Council may request grants.

Note: You may be comforted to know that a professional investment advisor manages Foundation assets with the guidance of the Foundation’s Finance and Investment Committee.

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Programming for Children & Youth Registration & Handbook

Rev. Dr. Stephen G. Ray, President of Chicago Theological Seminary, observed from Plymouth’s pulpit last winter that he could tell our church was alive because we are rich with the most precious resource a church could have: children and youth. Engaging our young people with age-appropriate ways to learn, serve, and grow is the goal... Read More

Hitting a Little Close to Home: The Story of Cain

  Sometimes the Scriptures hit a little close to home. As we struggle with the aftermath of multiple mass shootings in this country—as we grieve and grapple with the horror—our summer sermon series invites us to consider the story of Cain. Genesis 4:1-17 Now the man knew his wife Eve, and she conceived and bore... Read More

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